Rosefield Solar Farm

On-site surveys

We are undertaking surveys to help us develop a detailed understanding of the conditions of the Rosefield site. These surveys will inform our environmental assessments which, along with the feedback from our consultation, will be used to help develop our design.

This page will be kept up to date with information about upcoming activity on site and what you might see us doing over the coming weeks and months.

If you have any questions about works that are happening, you can get in touch by phoning 0800 8611097 or emailing


Archaeological surveys (12 February – March 2024)

We are carrying out geophysical surveys to help us understand if there is any buried archaeology under the proposed Rosefield site.


Over the coming weeks, you may see surveyors walking around the site carrying survey equipment or driving a small quad bike with survey equipment attached to the back. The surveys will be carried out by suitably qualified archaeologists, using equipment designed to have little to no impact on crops or other farmed land.


This activity is not expected to cause any disruption. 


The findings of these surveys will inform the design of the proposed Rosefield Solar Farm, ensuring that we are sensitive to any buried archaeology within the site.




Noise monitoring (26 February - mid-March 2024)

We are carrying out noise monitoring to understand existing background noise in the local area. Background noise can come from a range of everyday sources – including road traffic, aircraft and agricultural operations.


We are collecting this data so that we can accurately assess any potential noise effects Rosefield could have on the surrounding environment. The results of the noise monitoring survey, along with our other environmental assessments and the consultation feedback we receive, will help inform our proposals.  


Noise monitoring equipment – similar to a camera tripod – will be positioned at a number of locations around the site for a continuous one-week period.


We will be measuring noise levels during both the day and night-time as well as over weekdays and weekends to make sure we have a representative sample at each location. The monitoring equipment will only monitor noise levels and will not pick up individual conversations.


We are collecting this data in a number of locations over several weeks from 26 February 2024. You may see members of the team setting up and removing the equipment on-site until mid-March 2024.




Wintering bird surveys (26 February – 27 February 2024)

We are carrying out surveys around the site to count the number of wintering birds in the local area.


These surveys need to take place at sunrise when birds are most active and will end by midday. You may see surveyors walking around the site at these times on the 26th and 27th of February 2024. These surveys do not disturb the birds and are being carried out by suitably qualified ecologists. This is not expected to cause any disruption.